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Hair Model
Hair Model
Flowers in Hair


Perfect Execution


A Real Success


Exceptional Achievement



Smiling Woman


Lasting Impact

The perm of my life. Love the natural curls and finishes Adam did on my hair. It lasted about 8 months. I will always come back to get my perm and I feel my most confidence self every time after the treatment. 

Modern Young Girl


Professional Guidance

They gave me very good advice on what colours and styles would suit my skin tone and my image. I was also suggested on the suitable colour for my hair type. I told my stylist about the colour I wanted compared to what I had the last visit. He managed to achieve the result I asked for and will do correction if I am not happy about the colour. I will come back for perm the next time.

Studio Portrait


Fun Synergy

I was told to perm my hair so it is easier to manage. I was skeptical at first due to many bad experience in other salons. Then, I told my stylist I am allergic to perm chemicals. He understood my concerns and I was later convinced with the style of perm he can achieved with his demonstration on my hair. I then tried to perm once and fell in love with how easy I can style my hair daily very quickly. Will definitely continue to perm my hair from now on.   

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